Tier: 1
Harvest Skill Level: 1 (trivial 32)
Queen's Colony, Outpost of the Overlord, Forest Ruins, Oakmyst Forest, the Caves, Peat Bog, the Ruins, the Sunken City, the Sprawl, the Graveyard, some Greater Faydark, Darklight Woods, Timorous Deep, Gorowyn Isle, Darklight Wood, Frostfang Sea

Node Type Node Name Harvested Item Rare Links
foresting aged arbor - fetid arbor
felled arbor - gangly arbor
grizzled arbor - withered arbor
dense felled arbor - decomposed arbor
severed elm severed alder eqtraders
mining dusty ore - dusky ore
dismal ore - murky ore
rugged ore - cruddy ore
blemished ore - compound ore
tin cluster
leaded loam
bronze cluster
solidified loam
rigid stone - misty stone
rustic stone - eroded stone
unearthed stone - excavated stone
exhumed stones - moss encased stone
lead cluster
rough malachite
copper cluster
rough lapis lazuli
trapping creature den deer meat
turtle meat
rawhide leather pelt
waxed leather pelt  
fishing array of fish - cluster of fish
variety of fish - assortment of fish
frog leg
gathering pale roots - stale roots
damp roots - wilted roots
feeble roots - moldy roots
muddy roots - stodgy roots
roots yarrow  
natural garden
ravaged natural garden
raw white tea leaf
black coffee beean
baubbleshire cabbage

Tier: 2
Harvest Skill Level: 20+ (trivial 95)
Antonica, Commonlands, some Greater Faydark, some Darklight Woods, Timorous Deep (Mok Rent island), Frostfang Sea

Node Type Node Name Harvested Item Rare Imbued
foresting wind felled tree severed maple   glowing material
decrepit bones
withered bones
  severed bone glowing material
mining cloven ore
callous ore
salty loam
iron cluster
alkaline loam
blackened iron cluster
glowing material
wind swept rock
sandwashed rock
electrum cluster
rough turquoise
silver cluster
rough coral
trapping critter den vulrich meat
elephant meat
tanned leather pelt
cured pelt pelt glowing material
fishing band of fish
shoal of fish
crab meat
freewater grouper
  glowing material
gathering plains roots
desert roots
tuber strand sisal root glowing material
oasis shrubbery
plains shrubbery
raw carrot
murdunk orange
raw black tea leaf
antonican coffee bean
sisal root

Tier: 3
Harvest Skill Level: 90+ (trivial 152)
Thundering Steppes, Nektulos Forest, Butcherblock Mountains, Zarvonn's Tower, Firemyst Gulley

Node Type Node Name Harvested Item Rare Imbued
foresting felled high plains arbor
putrescent duskwood arbor
severed ash severed fir sparkling material
mining penumbra ore
stonecrest ore
pliant loam
carbonite cluster
steel cluster
malleable loam
sparkling material
eventide stone
wind swept stones
gold cluster
rough agate
palladium cluster
rough jasper
trapping beast den pig meat
lion meat
boiled leather pelt
cuirboili leather pelt sparkling material
fishing mob of fish
swarm of fish
thicket crayfish
seafury mackerel
  sparkling material
gathering rancid roots
mesquite catch weed
belladona root dandelion fiber sparkling material
high plains shrubbery
polluted natural garden
sweet onion
oolang tea leaf
steppes mountain bean
dandelion fiber

Tier: 4
Harvest Skill Level: 140+ (trivial 221)
Zek: The Orcish Wastes, Enchanted Lands, Cove of Decay, some Steamfont Mountains

Node Type Node Name Harvested Item Rare Imbued
foresting marred arbor
wretched arbor
severed briarwood severed oak glimmering material
mining ferric ore
residual ore
supple loam
feyiron cluster
ductile loam
feysteel cluster
glimmering material
mud stone
rhythmic stones
rough opaline
velium cluster
rough opal
ruthenium cluster
trapping animal den bear meat
griffon meat
etched leather pelt
engraved leather pelt glimmering material
fishing fury of fish
throng of fish
shark fin
murkwater carp
  glimmering material
gathering velvety roots
vestigal roots
tussah roots oak roots glimmering material
flattened bed of thistle
mystical natural garden
wild apple
green tea leaf
everfrost ice bean
oak roots

Tier: 5
Harvest Skill Level: 190+ (trivial 278)
Rivervale, Everfrost, Lavastorm, The Feerott, some Steamfont Mountains

Node Type Node Name Harvested Item Rare Imbued
foresting putrid arbor
decrepit arbor
corroded arbor
corrputed arbor
severed teak severed cedar luminous material
mining frigid ore
alluvium ore
sedimentary ore
flame licked ore
bonded loam
fulginate cluster
fused loam
ebon cluster
strange black ore
luminous material
lithic stone
blizzard stone
hermetic stone
metamorphic stone
rough bloostone
diamondine cluster
rough ruby
rhodium cluster
trapping animal den wyrm meat
owlbear meat
etched leather pelt
augmented leather pelt luminous material
fishing hatch of fish
brood of fish
clamor of fish
bedlam of fish
nerious trout
cauldron blowfish
  luminous material
gathering musty roots
paltry roots
wintry roots
insidious roots
ashen roots figwart roots luminous material
glacial shrubbery
blackened shrubbery
tainted natural garden
overgrown bed of greenslade
white peach
pu-erh tea leaf
browncap mushroom
lavastorm robusta bean
figwart roots

Tier: 6
Harvest Skill Level: 240+ (trivial 334)
Sinking Sands , Lesser Faydark, Pillars of Flame

Node Type Node Name Harvested Item Rare Imbued
foresting arid timber
fallen branch
severed sandalwood severed ironwood lambent material
mining eroded ore soluble loam
indium cluster
alkali loam
cobalt cluster
lambent material
sand scoured stone rough nacre
beryllium cluster
rough pearl
vanadium cluster
trapping beast den caiman meat
sabertooth meat
stonehide leather pelt
scaled leather pelt lambent material
fishing clutch of fish conger eel
tiger shrimp
  lambent material
gathering sun bleached roots succulent roots saguaro roots lambent material
parched shrubbery
withered shrubbery
prickly pear
darjeeling tea leaf
maj'dul coffee bean
saguaro roots

Tier: 7
Harvest Skill Level: 240+ or 250+ (trivial 397)
Tenebrous Tangle, Barren Sky, Loping Plains, Bonemire

Node Type Node Name Harvested Item Rare Imbued
foresting twisted wood
dustwood arbor
osseous lumber
slate lumber
rough lumbered rosewood rough lumbered ebony scintillating material
mining eroded ore
sand burrowed ore
porous loam
adamantine cluster
spongy loam
xegonite cluster
scintillating material
barren stone
firmament stone
weathered geode
rough topaz
azurite cluster
rough moonstone
acrylia cluster
trapping burrow
tangled nest
sand crawler den
aviak meat
horned leather pelt
ravasect meat
dragonhide leather pelt scintillating material
fishing school of flying fish flying fish   scintillating material
gathering trip roots
arid roots
hanging root nimbus root scintillating material
scrub thistle
dryland brush
breeze leaf foliage
scraggy bush
sweet chai tea leaf
soaring coffee bean
nimbus root

Tier: 8
Harvest Skill Level: 340+ (trivial 410)
Kylong Plains, Fens of Nathsar, Kunzar Jungle, Jarsath Wastes, Moors of Ykesha

Node Type Node Name Harvested Item Rare Imbued
foresting calcified timber
warslik timber
emerald jungle timber
sundrenched cordwood
bleached timber
redwood lumber mahogany lumber smoldering material
mining ryjesium node
cabilisian node
ferrite deposit
bedded ore
ykeshan dark ore
mineral salt loam
ferrite cluster
silicate loam
incarnadine cluster
smoldering material
ornamental geode
frontier geode
kunzite geode
exposed limestone
blackened hermatite
rough kunzite
deklium cluster
rough fire emerald
tynnonium cluster
trapping den bristled pelt hidebound pelt smoldering material
fishing southshore school
omenfish school
venomfish school
briney catch
spotted whitesurf fish
king prawn
  smoldering material
gathering germinating roots lichenclover root mantrap root smoldering material
kylong briar
nathsarian shrubbery
kunzar berrybush
wastelands shrub
ykeshan stout shrubbery
torsis tea leaf
cabilis cocoa bean
succulent petal
mantrap root

Tier: 9
Harvest Skill Level: 375+ (trivial 415)
The Sundered Frontier, The Stonebrunt Highlands, The Hole

Node Type Node Name Harvested Item Rare Imbued
foresting toxxulia timber sumac lumber eucalyptus lumber etherial material
mining an infused deposit titanium ore brellium ore etherial material
a molten formation amber
quicksilver cluster
ulteran diamond
kaborite cluster
trapping a craigy liar mottled pelt spotted pelt etherial material
fishing school of tiny fish giant octupus meat
seahorse roe
  ethereal material
gathering bamboo shoot toxxulia root culm toxnettle root etherial material
a perennial shrub marr cherry
lapsang tea leaf
kejekan palmfruit
caynar nut
toxnettle root

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